Charter schools are public schools that are a part of Florida’s program of public education. The School Board of Palm Beach County is the sponsor of the charter schools located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The School District of Palm Beach County is the sponsor of 50 charter schools as of January 2015. The Charter Department provides academic, financial, operational and technical assistance to these charter schools.

Charter School's Statutory Guiding Principles, Purposes, & Requirements

Charter schools’ guiding principles include the following:


Meet high standards of student achievement while providing parents flexibility to choose among diverse educational opportunities within the state’s public school system.


Promote enhanced academic success and financial efficiency by aligning responsibility with accountability.


Provide parents with sufficient information on whether their child is reading at grade level and whether the child gains at least a year’s worth of learning for every year spent in the charter school.

The charter schools’ mandatory and optional purposes are stated in Florida Statute 1002.33 subsection (2). In addition, charter schools must fulfill all of the requirements set forth in Florida Statute 1002.33 Charter Schools subsection (9).

Charter School Student Enrollment Process

Process for Opening a Charter School

In summary, a party interested in opening a Charter School with the School District of Palm Beach County as its Sponsor must successfully complete all of the following actions and received approval from the School Board of Palm Beach County. Specific details concerning this topic can be obtained by calling Jim Pegg, Director, Charter Department at (561) 969-5875.

How to Start a Charter School