On January 28-31, 2018, our School District earned system-wide accreditation by undergoing a rigorous process with Cognia formerly AdvancED. The accrediting agency, Cognia formerly AdvancED, is a non-profit, non-partisan, international organization that conducts on-site system reviews of Pre-K through grade 12 schools and school systems to help educators and their communities share innovative approaches to improve learning, teaching, and leading. 

The School District of Palm Beach County continues its standing of being a fully accredited district for the next five years. The results and full report provides powerful, aligned, and proven pathways for addressing challenges which were shared with district and school leaders, teachers, and all stakeholders. Click here to access the Final AdvancED Engagement Review Report.

Questions about District Accreditation may be directed to Dr. Cheryl McKeever, Director of Assessment, 561-434-8850 or Dr. Adam Miller, Assistant Superintendent Performance Accountability, at 561-434-8851.

The School District of Palm Beach County