Fingerprint/Background Check/Drug Testing

Drug-Free WorkplaceNotice: This is a Drug-Free Workplace
The School District of Palm Beach County is a Drug-Free Workplace. Please review the Board Policy for more information including types of testing, drugs included in the testing, and policy and procedure details.

All employees, student teaching interns, vendors, consultants, and contractors will need to submit fingerprints and undergo a background check.

For information regarding the Fingerprinting process, fees, and required documentation, please visit the School Police Fingerprinting website

Background Checks
Instructional and non-instructional personnel who are hired or contracted to fill positions in any Florida School District must, upon employment or engagement to provide services, undergo background screening. Fingerprints shall be submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for statewide criminal and juvenile records checks and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for federal criminal records checks. For more information regarding Background Screening, please visit the School Police Background Screening Guidelines page.

Applicant Security Check Forms
Prospective candidates for employment are required to fill out the Applicant Security Check Form. This form gives the candidate the opportunity to reveal any past criminal history and to provide a detailed explanation.

At the time of employment, your fingerprints will be researched by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Sealed or expunged records must be revealed to the School District pursuant to Florida Statute 943.0585. Your employment with the Palm Beach County School District is temporary and probationary pending successful processing of your fingerprints. To omit a response or to be untruthful in your response, regardless of any previous information received from an attorney, a judge, or any third party will be considered falsification and is cause for dismissal from employment or consideration for employment.

Disqualifying Offenses
Florida Statute defines the criteria under which you may be automatically denied employment with the School District.  The offense list is divided between instructional/administrative applicants and non-instructional applicants.  To see a complete list of disqualifying charges, please click the appropriate link.

What if I'm Denied?
Once the background has been reviewed, candidates for employment will be notified if they are denied by the committee. The candidate will have ten days to apply to appear before the committee and appeal the decision. If the appeal is denied because of inconsistencies in the Security Background Check Form the candidate may apply for employment again, one calendar year from the date of initial application.

Still Have Questions?
Contact the Office of Professional Standards (561) 434-8528.

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