How to Become a Volunteer

Ask yourself:

1. What age group do you prefer to work with?

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School

2. Location of where you would like to work?

Each school has a volunteer coordinator who can assist you.  However, volunteer coordinators vary from school to school.  Some are teachers, guidance counselors, or parent volunteers.  Finding out this information may save you time by allowing you to register and express your interest and concerns at one time.

School Safety
  • All public schools will use both Raptor and VIPS tracking.
  • Raptor will be used for background clearance.
  • The VIPS tracking system will be used for application completion and recording volunteer hours.
  • All volunteers and visitors must scan in/out through the Raptor system prior to passing the front desk and going on campus.
  • Hours are to be logged in on the VIPS Count tracking system computer. If you are not in the VIPS Count tracking system, please fill out an application on the VIPS Count tracking computer system and continue to log hours there.

If you feel that there are discrepancies, please contact your school’s volunteer coordinator.

The School District of Palm Beach County