School Grading

This page contains links to downloadable documents with information regarding school grade calculations.

School Grade Matrix - All School Levels

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School Grades Executive Summary

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School Grade Calculation Documents

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FSA/FSAA Levels and Subcategories

(for Learning Gains Calculations)

FSA: FSA Levels and Learning Gains Subcategories

FSAA: FSAA Levels and Learning Gains Subcategories

School Grades Questions and Answers

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External Resources

Florida Department of Education Resources

College and Career Acceleration

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Other FLDOE Resources
FY2021 FLDOE ESE Codes
Link to a PDF containing FLDOE's ESE Codes and Definitions for FY2021. 

Florida School Grades

Link to School Accountability Reports (SAR), school and district performance outcomes, technical assistance guides and other resources on school performance.

Florida School Recognition Program
Link to information to the Florida School Recognition Program including lists of district and schools award information and frequently asked questions.

The School District of Palm Beach County