Career and Technical Education

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CTE Month 2022

Click here to view the official proclamation from the state for 2021 CTE Month.

Career and Technical Education
Technological advances and global competition continues to transform the nature of work at an ever growing pace. As a result, jobs today and those in the future will require more knowledge, better skills and more flexibility than ever before. But how and where do students start when choosing a career with so many career choices available?

A great starting place is with Career Clusters, Pathways, and Programs of Study. To better prepare students for the 21st century and to help them graduate college and career ready, the School District of Palm Beach County has developed Career and Technical Education programs encompassing Rigorous Programs of Study, to give students the academic preparation, direction, and career-related knowledge to help them plan studies that are in line with their interests, abilities, and career goals.

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CTE Programs of Study
A Program of Study (POS) is a sequenced listing of academic and CTE courses connecting a student’s high school and post-secondary educational experiences.


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CTE Courses and Industry Certifications
Industry certifications are an important component of Career Academies and Career and Technical Education Programs showing students have demonstrated evidence of technical skill attainment.


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Career Planning
Make an appointment with your counselor or the Career Academy Coordinator at your school. Learn about career pathway options or how to apply for a choice program.


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