Research Requests

The Research Application process has been streamlined and now includes an online form that you can submit directly online. You can also attach all of your files in the form. We recommend that you print out the form in advance so you can refer to it as you are developing your application.

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To apply, first familiarize yourself with the SDPBC Research Policy 
Then click here: Research Request Form

The timeline for research review and determination is approximately six weeks.
Only completed applications will be reviewed.

We are unable to coach you through your application and/or your research. The documentation we require is outlined in the application. Please refer to your IRB or faculty advisor for additional support if needed. Your request will be denied if any required items are missing

In addition, we do not provide analyses nor aggregations for researchers.


We do our best to respond within six weeks. These are estimates and researchers should plan accordingly. 

Your application submission is considered received on the date that ALL MATERIALS have been received (including payment). 

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and we try to respond (with an approval or denial) to every applicant within six weeks (excluding District-staff holidays). Please consider this six-week window for your planning purposes.

* Due to FSA testing and blackout dates, all research requests for human subject studies after March 22, 2022 must apply for the next school year.

*Notice to Employees
School District of Palm Beach County employees, who wish to conduct research in the District, may NOT use the Educational Data Warehouse (EDW) for research purposes as there is NO RIGHT TO ACCESS (see Board Policy 2.142, section 4.c. - d.)
The School District of Palm Beach County