Bias-Based Profiling

It is the policy of the School District of Palm Beach County Police Department to protect the Constitutional Rights of all people. Discriminatory enforcement practices can alienate our community and students, foster distrust of the police, invite media scrutiny, prompt legislative action and judicial intervention, and potentially lead to allegations of Constitutional and civil rights violations.

Bias-based profiling occurs when, whether intentionally or unintentionally, an individual applies his or her own personal, societal, or organizational biases or stereotypes when making decisions or taking police action, and the ONLY reason for that decision or action is because of a person's race, ethnicity, background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, age, culture or other personal characteristics, rather than the observed behavior of the individual, or the identification of the individual as being, having been, or about to be engaged in criminal activity.

As we perform our duties, it is imperative that we afford all citizens the Constitutional and fundamental right to equal protection under the law. Our employees will not engage in bias-based profiling and the School District of Palm Beach County Police Department will not tolerate this type of conduct. Any person may file a complaint with the Department if they believe that they have been subjected to bias-based profiling.

The School District of Palm Beach County