Volunteer in Our Schools

Volunteer Program Overview
Educating students involves everyone. This includes parents and families, retirees, college students, business and military personnel. Contact your local school's volunteer coordinator to find out how you can get involved.

The Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) program began in 1972. Yearly there are approximately 40,000 volunteers in our schools. Last year the hours donated represented approximately $25 million dollars’ worth of services to our schools by the community. What cannot be measured however is the intrinsic value of the services volunteers bring to the students. The encouragement, patience, and the boost in self-esteem are immeasurable and critically important to students.

This community support means that thousands of students have received the individual attention so vitally needed to help them find success. Hundreds of teachers have been offered that “extra pair of hands” that is so gratefully appreciated.

The volunteers in our schools are well-trained, dependable community people. They provide a service to our teachers and students and also learn about our educational program. They realize the importance of early education, the emphasis on individualized programs, and how time-consuming teaching can be.

Any person interested in becoming a school volunteer may do so by contacting the volunteer coordinator at the desired school or by calling the School Volunteer Program Office at (561) 434-8789.  There is a volunteer coordinator at each school center who will be happy to meet with the volunteer. Volunteers will be asked to complete a volunteer application listing their skills, interests, preferred location, grade level and type of volunteer service desired. The volunteer coordinator will provide volunteer orientation and any training necessary for the volunteer assignment.

The qualifications needed to be a school volunteer are only a personal desire to help, a sincere interest in students, and an ability to follow school procedures and policies, and a willingness to make a definite time commitment. The teacher or the volunteer coordinator will provide any training that is needed. A teaching background is not required as volunteers work under the direction of a school’s professional staff.

The volunteer has the opportunity to select the day and time that they are available to volunteer and the school will try to work with that schedule. We only ask that once you make a commitment, that you keep to your assigned schedule since the teachers and staff have planned according to the time that you have agreed to help.

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