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Rewards and Incentives

Enjoy reading?  Join students all across Florida as they take on the Summer Literacy Adventure Challenge and pledge to read every day. You can also participate in reading challenges and be rewarded for how many books you read this summer through other organizations.

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Ready to pick a book, Set to read every day, Read this summer for Success next year!

Challenge your friends to see how many books you can read during the summer.  Go on a literacy adventure by reading fiction books, learn something new in non-fiction or pick up poetry.  Reading is even more enjoyable when you can share the stories with your friends and family.  Track your books in a reading log or Google doc and see who read the most this summer!


Chuck E. Cheese

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Mandel Public Library

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 June  - July


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May 4 - Sep 4, 2020

TD Bank

TD Bank

$10 for Reading 10 Books

Free Audio Books

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Audio Books

Free eBooks for Kids

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Kids     Teens
Summer Reading Challenge

Free Audiobooks for Teens

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